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About Thomas Marini

Thomas Marini, Director of Photography


The History: With 35 years of experience as a director/cameraman, thom marini has had a varied and interesting career. As a student of film and television production at the University of Miami and Ithaca College, Thom credits the exceptional craftsmen and women he has worked with over the years as his real mentors.

As a cinematographer, he has traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as Ireland, Germany, the U.K., Mexico and the Caribbean. His assignments are varied and ranged from award winning commercials to filming Opel’s new car models on the company’s test tracks in Germany, to stories of ministries and fellowship with the poor indigenous villages of Chiapas, Mexico.


The work: in addition to corporate films and TV spots, Thom has directed and acted as Director of Photography for numerous documentaries and independent feature films. The list includes:

  1. Cheap Shots: a Twin Swans productions

  2. My Dark Lady: a Frederick King Keller prod.

  3. Proud: Tommy Hilfiker Entertainment

  4. Bury My Heart with Tonawanda: historical indie film, directed by Gary Sundown of the Seneca Nation



  1. Songs of Freedom … preserving the history of the underground railroad.

  2. The White Cockade … a docudrama about jb’h century Scotland’s struggle for freedom.

  3. The Muslims I Know … An eye-opening documentary about a much talked about but little known community in america.

  4. Over the River … the life of Lydia Maria, child abolitionist for freedom and women’s rights.

  5. Words on the Wind … contemporary Native American poetry, music, and sounds of the natural world currently in it’s 3rd year run on PBS.



  • Cleo Award … (for Golden Nugget Hotel Campaign) Cine Golden Eagle
  • Various Addy Awards … (for commercial TV campaigns and corporate videos)


Contact info: Thom Marini

Morning light films phone: (585) 943-5224