ARTISANworks is home to nearly 500,000 pieces, of artwork, antiques and automobiles.
All artwork is available for purchase, rent or staging.
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About Greg Gavin

Through Gavin’s elaborate, impressionistic paintings, he tries to formulate a vision of such a fantastic place as inner earth. Gavin wants his viewers to transform their present tools of observation, whether physical or technical, and conjure up a fresh clarity about the surrounding world. His acute attention to brushwork and the layering of color and texture helps the viewer to adjust their gaze as it travels along the different planes of scenery. His paintings seem to vibrate with energy, weight, and light.  Gavin is a Rochester native. He resides in Brooklyn, where he continues to render his fantastical landscapes and garden scenes. His work can be seen throughout many collections in the region, and he is an instrumental part of the ARTISANworks corporate lease-to-own art program.