Host An Event
Create timeless memories with the perfect event at ARTISANworks.
General Event Questions
How many people can you accommodate?
This depends on what space(s) you choose. Our venue can accommodate from 2 to 1,000 guests.  Space is made available based on your guest count. Individual rooms have a specific seating capacity.
How many hours will we have for our event?
Basic event packages start with 4 hours. If you want more time, we will adjust your package pricing accordingly.
What time can my event start?
Events can start and end based on a time that you and your event planner agree upon. We start with your budget and the number of hours and then determine the start time.
Are there event planners on site at ARTISANworks?
Yes, and if you have a full service event there is a planner included in your package. Your planner will be responsible for organizing all in house services from food to facility setup. A staff planner will also be present at your event to manage details.
Is there ample parking for our guests?
There are three free parking lots available after 5 PM on weekdays, and all day on Saturdays and Sundays. There is free parking directly across the street.
Your planner will let you know ahead of time and will provide a parking map with the lots that are available.
Valet parking is a popular choice and adds a touch of class to your event.
Are children allowed at events?
We are child friendly. We require an additional event staff person for every ten children. If additional staff is needed your package pricing will adjust accordingly.
You have the option to provide your own supervision for the children at your event. Your event planner will work with you on these arrangements.
Children always need to be supervised and will not be allowed to go anywhere in the building without adult supervision.
Is there a difference in prices for children?
Yes, children 10 and under are charged at 50% of the adult price per person. Special menu items for children are available at market prices.
Can I rent multiple spaces, and will my guests have access to the rest of the facility?
We include the necessary space based on your guest count in your initial pricing. If you would like additional areas for ceremonies, or cocktail hour, arrangements can be made based on availability.
Your guests are limited to the spaces you have reserved so that your party keeps its focus. As an added bonus, most packages will include a guided tour for your guests to see the rest of the facility.
What time can my bridal party arrive?
In most cases your bridal party can arrive 1-2 hours before the event start time. We will provide a dedicated space for the bride and bridal party to prepare. You and your event planner will determine this as your date approaches.
Event setup will begin 2 hours prior your event start time and be completed one half hour before guest arrival. Prior to this time the space will not be accessible to your guests.
Where can we take pictures?
Pictures prior to your event are allowed in any spaces that are not being used at that time for other events and need to be approved by your planner.
Catering and Food Questions
Can we bring in our own alcohol?
Yes, our members are allowed to provide their own alcohol for events. We require a certificate of insurance from their homeowner’s policy and must have this 15 days prior to the event. As a courtesy, we provide a beverage list with your proposal to help with suggested amounts of alcohol.
When do we drop of alcohol and favors/decorations?
If your ceremony is here and will be doing a rehearsal on the day prior then that is the appropriate time to drop everything off.
If you are not having a ceremony you can schedule a time with your event planner during the week before your event to bring everything in.
Do I need to bring my beer chilled?
No, our staff will make sure everything is at the correct temperature prior to the event start time.
Do you charge a corkage fee?
Can you provide a bar if we want it?
Yes. Bar packages from a cash bar to a full open bar and anything in between. Since we need at least 21 days to obtain a permit, this decision will have to be made well in advance.
Do you have Caterers at ARTISANworks?
Yes, Madeline’s Catering is our “In House” culinary expert. We can provide food, servers, bartenders, linens, china and glassware, tableware, beverages, desserts and more.
Do you have menus to choose from?
Yes, we have many choices for you. All of our events and menus are customized to suit your taste. When you meet with your event planner for the first time you will discuss a preliminary menu and then receive all of the other options when you receive your proposal. You can also visit the chef’s website and see what other choices are available.
Can we bring in our own food or caterer?
Yes, other caterers are welcome and we can provide a list of preferred vendors for your convenience.
A checklist is provided with your rental agreement to help ensure that your caterer is aware of their responsibilities.
Your event planner will help you fill in any missing services that your caterer is not providing to make a smooth coordinated event.
Can I bring in a wedding cake? Do you charge a Cake cutting fee?
Yes. Cakes can be brought in from a licensed, certified baker.
There is no cake cutting fee.
Ceremony and Wedding Questions
Do you have a location for ceremonies?
Yes, many of our spaces are perfect for ceremonies, especially the large spaces like Vertigo heights, and the Main showroom
Is there an event planner to run the ceremony?
Yes, if you have a full service package an event planner is included in your package. This event planner will coordinate every aspect of the ceremony and be there to send you down the aisle.
Can we do a rehearsal the day before?
Yes, if you have an event planner in your package you will be able to have a rehearsal the day before your wedding. The time of that rehearsal will be finalized two weeks prior to the event and scheduled appropriately.
The duration of your rehearsal is limited to one hour.
Can we have seating for everyone during the ceremony?
Yes, depending on the space you choose and your number of guests. AW will take care of set up.
Do you have officiants to recommend?
Yes, we have officiants listed on our preferred vendors list.
Music, Band, Disc Jockey and Audio/Visual Questions
Do you have bands/DJ to recommend?
Yes, we have a preferred vendor list for you to choose from.
Can we bring in bands/DJ’s that are not on your list?
Yes. We need to speak with them prior to the event about arrival time, set up, and house rules.
Do you have a house music system we can use?
Our satellite house system plays background music throughout the venue. We can hook in your iPod or play your CD in your event area.