ARTISANworks is home to nearly 500,000 pieces, of artwork, antiques and automobiles.
All artwork is available for purchase, rent or staging.


ARTISANworks began collecting photography more than 20 years ago. It holds thousands of works that constitute an important collection of modern and contemporary photography.  As diverse as photography itself, the collection includes work not only by artists, but also by journalists, scientists, entrepreneurs, and amateurs.


Will Yurman Robert Farber Richard Quataert Richard Margolis Nathon Lyons Les Krims Jeff Dunas Dan Burkholder Carl Chiarenza
About Jeff Dunas

In the commercial world he is an editorial and advertising photographer working in the portrait, beauty and reportage areas. His personal pursuits include nudes, portraits and documentary photography.He has been photographing nudes for over twenty years. This has been a dominant personal fine-art pursuit and a long and satisfying photographic exploration. Portraits are a very fulfilling photographic direction for Jeff. One of the aspects of portraiture that pleases him enormously is its ability to freeze time, allowing observation that would not be possible in reality. He likes to allow his subjects to simply look at me, in turn allowing those viewing the work to simply look at the subject.


Unlike many photographers, when he seeks diversion, he seeks it with a camera. He has been shooting street pictures in Paris, New York and elsewhere for fifteen years at every opportunity. He is happy when he is shooting and even happier when he is printing. He prints all his personal work himself and supervises his assistants or lab technicians when the work is a commercial assignment.